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write for us travel blog – Lexusandtheolivetree.com provides guest post service to Bloggers or Writers who wish to share their experience and information to the Readers of this blog.

Some of the benefits of using this blog for guest posting are:

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  • Instant posting without the need to wait for approval
  • Post  images
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However, guest posting must follows the following submission guidelines or post will be edited or removed:

  • Posts should be more than 750 words;
  • Your tone should be conversational and honest;
  • Be honest and informative;
  • Guest posting shall comply with Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy;
  • After posting, to share in at least five (5) social media using social sharing icons at end of the post;
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What is a guest blog post, why do you want to do this?

In short, guest blog posts are targeted publications that you submit your articles to your audience as a visitor. If done well, the guest release is a win-win situation for everyone: you can show your content in front of new readers to expand your reach and share your expertise, and the Author has the opportunity to share different insights and ideas to the Readers.

If you’re thinking about how to market for your own online company, guest blogging is one of the cheapest (it is free by using this website), but most effective and authoritative ways. why? Guest blogs are a way to build backlinks and authorities without falsification. It also allows you to advertise your website for free.

Guest posting is very successful in search engine optimization.

Guest postings are very relevant to your website and contain links to your website backlinks, DOFOLLOW and anchor text. These backlinks will increase the weight of your blog. If Guestpost posts to a high-weighted website, then This Guest posting is easily indexed by search engines and will give link juice to your site.

How to Publish Your Article on the Guest Blog Post Website

1) View the Publishing rules
When writing a guest blog post, you may think whether you need to write a very long article with a long content, or write an ordinary article. This requires you to review the publishing rules and determine your article writing based on the number of words in the rule and the topic category.

2) View articles published by other authors
Look at which posts on the blog post are popular, what other posts are like, and this will give you a lot of writing tips.

— View the most popular posts on the site, sometimes in the sidebar of your blog.
— View other guest posts, view the types and content of these site articles, and see what other people have posted to make it easier to understand what type of content others have posted.

3) Create a guest blog post
The question is how to write more high-quality guest articles in a shorter time?

We solved the challenge of visiting blog posts to find new blogs. But as long as you load hundreds of high-quality blogs into your spreadsheet, you’re faced with the next challenge:

How do you come up with thousands of good article topics?
We believe that you can quickly post 3-5 guest posts. But if you want to expand it indefinitely, you need to generate 3-5 good articles every week.

Use tools to generate topic ideas

Find verified content ideas

Use backlink checker website tools to find several blogs in your industry. Then  filter popular content.
But that’s the way it is: popular blogs are popular because they have a lot of great content. So why not “steal” good content ideas from top blogs.
“Stealing” does not mean copying this article to another blog. What should you do? Inspire from the excellent content and build on it until it becomes “unique”, which is the formation of original articles.

Cover your subtopics from different angles

When conceiving the topic of an article, you can first conceive a main theme and then conceive a large number of subtopics.

Then you can generate a large number of articles with different subtopics.

By looking at this guide, I believe that you have mastered the method, and then go ahead and execute it.

Happy guest posting!