iQIYI Verb Smart Wireless Headset Sports

Introducing iQIYI Verb Smart Wireless Headset Sports:

iQIYI Verb smart wireless headset sports
iQIYI Verb smart wireless headset sports

In recent years, after the mobile phone is equipped with a full-screen design, the 3.5mm headphone jack has been gradually eliminated. Perhaps for the brand to bring the best experience and profit to the user, so after the Chinese mobile phone manufacturers like Huawei, Xiaomi, Meizu, vivo, hammer and so on have made an independent part of the headset production line to operate, and in recent years, We also saw mainstream music player software also joined the ranks, such as cool dog Bluetooth music headset M1, cool my K1 wireless music headset, Netease cloud music oxygen Bluetooth headset, etc. Music software company relies on the brand to attract a large number of loyal Users are more divided into the only market. And when I saw that even the video portal Daxie Aiqiyi Company had to share a piece of the headset market, it was quite shocking! It can be imagined that the overall development and layout of the wireless headset market should be a sunny trend.

Yes! The era of wireless headphones has arrived. In today’s pursuit of high price comparison, the functions of headphones are more and more subdivided, games, sports, HiFi, lossless, noise reduction, intelligence, etc., the industry of headphones is changing, like top brands sony, AKG, Edifier Waiting for years to stand in the international arena, not only relying on the competitiveness of internal core technology, there is more creativity in brand and human innovation. As an immature iQiyi, it has finally entered the mature earphone market, and its appearance has brought the impact to the whole market. It is still unremarkable.

Product details

The earplugs and ear flaps are designed in two-piece splits. The ear flaps are ergonomically close to the contours of the auricle. The 35° in-ear angle of the earplugs is comfortable to wear in the ear and has no discomfort. There is a small bump on the main body to fix the position of the ear wing, so the details of the design have already reflected the seriousness and focus of iQiyi in the first Bluetooth headset!

The back cavity of the earphone is designed with a hexagonal diamond style. The surface of the dark red inkjet iQI logo is “iQIYI”. It is similar to the CD threaded surface under the light reflection. The official self-proclaimed texture is a deep anodizing coloring process, mainly Anti-corrosion and wear resistance are the mainstays, and I as a chemistry professional university dog, and then taught for three years in the ordinary line of the front line of the chemistry teacher just to see a little talk!

In addition, this is the built-in Hall element and magnetic block on the back of the iQiyi verb Bluetooth headset earphone. It can instantly enter the standby state through the back adsorption, and can be automatically paused. After the separation, the automatic connection can be implemented. /Start button to continue playing!

The surface of the wire controller is sandblasted as a whole, and the interior is a multi-integrated original molded plastic package. The multi-function key, microphone, charging interface and battery are all built in this small unit. The wire control button feels very convex and feels convex. So there is no problem with blind exercise. In fact, the work of this headset is not soft or black. The most appreciated is the wire controller. The workmanship and feel are really good.

This verb Bluetooth headset is the first battle of the iQiyi headset industry. The charging interface still chooses the Micro USB charging method with mature technology. However, the tightness of the charging seal from the side is not as good. A lot of people think that this control unit only does the right side. It will be affected by the big movement when exercising and cycling. In fact, the main weight of the earphone is integrated on the main body of the earphone, and the earplugs and ear flaps have been Firmly fixing the auricle, the weight of the wire controller itself can be neglected, so it will not have a big impact!

This iQiyi self-proclaimed verb Bluetooth headset supports IP65 dustproof and waterproof level (to prevent dust from entering completely, no impact at any angle of low pressure injection). The other main selling point is the US military-grade standard, shockproof, wear-resistant and tear-resistant, without fear of cold and heat, enjoy the heart.


This iQiyi verb Bluetooth headset is equipped with Qualcomm QCC3005 chip, providing Bluetooth 5.0 technical support. The polymer double-layer diaphragm combined with lossless aptX transmission makes the analysis of the sound color more fidelity, and can display the details of the full frequency band delicately. Specifically, we wait to see the audition effect.

Charging and battery life

The official claims that the headset can be fully charged for 25 days of long standby, and can be used for 10 hours of continuous conversation or listening to songs. And the exaggeration on the charge is also very good, charging for six minutes, listening to songs for an hour. However, if you are fully charged, you can listen to the song or watch the video for an average of two hours a day.

Noise reduction and stethoscope effect

In addition, the noise reduction effect when calling, the official said that you can achieve high-definition call noise reduction, clear, such as face-to-face communication, can greatly reduce the environmental noise But when. It must also be mentioned that the stethoscope effect still exists and looks very serious. iQiyi not only has a strong penetrating power to the sound, but also has a strong penetrating power for clothing or skin friction.

Sound quality effect

Well, this time is really the highlight. Here, the following statements about sound quality are only for the personal use of the sense of body, do not have this iQiyi verb Bluetooth headset all representative!

During the normal audition, the first feeling is very dull due to the tightness of the seal and the auricle, and the pressure in the ear is obviously increased after playing for a few minutes. The feeling of people in the ear rises and falls or some people sit in the process of starting and stopping the high-speed rail. In fact, the iQiyi verb Bluetooth headset has opened a pressure balance hole between the earmuffs and the unit to balance the sudden change of air pressure inside the earphone, but the personal feeling still can not change this phenomenon. And this is still a slightly quiet environment, if it is in cycling or running, the feeling of strong pressure inside the ear will be more obvious.

Exclusive app

Big companies are rich, Iqiyi is controlled by Android and Apple system on the verb Bluetooth headset exclusive app. After downloading “IQIYI Smart” in the Apple store, the connection is very fast, and the sound can be adjusted through the mobile app. Power and duration of use, but click on the button is still empty, it seems that the App is still optimized and upgraded!

To sum up

More and more manufacturers are beginning to enter the headset industry market. Bluetooth headsets and true wireless headsets are destined to become the future development trend of headsets. The highly intelligent today brings more games and innovations to manufacturers, and the power of the brand is unlimited. Today, everyone is pursuing cost-effectiveness, youth and sports, workmanship and materials, sound quality and signal, portability and battery life, it seems that one can not be less.

The verb with the golden key was born as the first wireless Bluetooth headset of iQiyi. I personally think that it can only be described by passing, and the appearance is pleasing. The sound quality is really flattering. At least I think it is in the Bluetooth headset of the same price. Iqiyi verb Bluetooth headset also has a very large space to be upgraded, but it is still undeniable that for the entry machine of around $15, the experience it brings to me is not only unremarkable, but in the future headset market, The iQiyi platform can bring us even more amazing products!

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