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This Online Grammar checker is totally free tool. it checks spellings and grammar mistakes in your article, essay on just one click. Red underline indicates spell error while green under line indicates grammar error in your content. you can also change the world and sentence by clicking on the error.

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Most Common Types of Grammar Mistakes

A writer while writing a specific content or article can make many grammatical mistakes. These grammatical mistakes should be avoided. Some common grammar mistakes are discussed below:

Active/Passive Voice Mistakes

Many people think that any particular sentence that consists of verbs like is, was, where etc. is a passive voice but this thing is not actually true. A sentence that will be converted to passive voice should have an object. Always keep in mind that all passive voice sentences have a form of a verb like was, where etc, but not all sentences that consist of those verbs are passive. We should have to be very careful while writing passive voice sentences in our articles.

Spelling Mistakes

Spelling mistakes in an article create very bad impact in the mind of readers. The article or content should be clean from all type of spelling mistakes. Spelling mistakes can easily be avoided if articles and content should be revised properly. Usually, most of the spelling mistakes will occur if the article is not revised properly.

Redundant Expression

The redundant expression is nothing but using the same keywords or words repeatedly whose meanings are same. The redundant expression should be avoided as much as possible. They will affect the efficiency of the paragraph. Consider a sentence “In a moment of hopeful optimism”. The following expression will create the sense of redundancy. In most of the dictionaries, the meaning optimism is hopefulness for the future, so here the use of word optimism should be avoided because both words possess same meaning.

Proper Form of Verbs and Tenses

The mistakes of tenses are very common in articles. Proper knowledge about tenses can reduce these mistakes. The proper form of verbs should be used depending on the scenario. We should have to be very careful about timestamp. If a writer will write about the present than the first form of the verb should be used.

Fragmentation of Sentence

Online sentence correction is very important for sentences to be fragmented in a proper way. The writer should clearly identify that where the sentence fragmentation is needed and where to use it. Sentences that will needed fragmentation are sentenced, which is, depends on another sentence to completely elaborate the meaning of the sentence.

Invalid/Wrong Pronoun Reference

Wrong or invalid usage of references of the pronoun can also affect the beauty of sentences. The writer should properly use pronoun references in sentences. The in the correction of pronoun reference can confuse readers. Consider a sentence “John found his cat. Now he is very happy”. It makes the sense of ambiguity in the mind of the reader that who is happy either john or his cat.

So many other grammatical mistakes can harm the significance of article. These all mistakes should be avoided in order to grasp the attention of the reader. A content that is free from all types of grammatical mistakes will have a positive image in the mind of the reader.

Why Teachers Should Use English Grammar Checking Software

Teachers should use english grammar checking software to check the accuracy of the documents that were provided by their students. A few days back a survey was conducted at the University of Pittsburgh. The university conducted an activity in which 33 undergraduate students participated. The main purpose of this activity is to check the difference in a reader’s ability to check grammar and spelling errors with and without using spelling and grammar checking tools.

A sample document was given to two different group of students to check and analyze the spelling and grammatical mistakes. One group of students were permitted to use the spell-checker software while the other does not. It is concluded in an activity that students having strong verbal skills rely strongly on grammar and spell checking software. It is noticed that students do not correctly analyze documents even they will have strong verbal skills. The should also need to use spellchecker software otherwise accuracy of documents will suffer.

It is a much difficult task for any teacher to check the grammatical mistakes of the particular document manually so we have to rely on software.The grammar checking software will save the time for teachers. It is seen that some teachers say that the software that was available on market are not accurate and these software does not meet the requirements of teachers while checking grammatical mistakes in any particular document. However, this problem can be eliminated easily. If the trend of using a spell checker software were fascinated then the developer will start focusing on the accuracy, level of that software.It is being observed that every software product quality will increase with time.

Why Big Enterprises Should Use Grammar Checker

The quotations and further business documents play an important role in building the image of enterprises. These documents are the reflection of company image. It is necessary for an enterprise to use grammar checker to check and analyze the mistakes of documents. Good businesses communications are important and play a vital role in the growth of the particular enterprise. Documents that are free from grammatical and spelling errors have a positive impact on the mind of clients. There are so many reasons that enforce that the company’s written documents should grammatically correct. Some of the following are:

The enterprises should make sure that the documentation of any product or service will give a good impression to its readers. The first impression is usually considered as the last impression.

Developing Trust 
Usually client and supplier trust in that enterprise who communicate correctly and clearly. The use of proper grammar in company documents will help a lot to maintain company’s credibility and reputation.

Increase in Productivity 
Many businesses rely on written documents like emails, memos were written agreements for their success. Documents that are free of spelling and grammatical errors will help your employees to understand your instructions properly. Proper documentation is very useful if you want to avoid misunderstandings and misconceptions.

Competitor Advantage 
It is being seen that in a case of an e-commerce website that many customers who want to buy products will hesitate while making a purchase from a website whose contents consist of grammar and spelling errors. In online market, competition is tough and the company has very short time to impress customers. The good communication will definitely give a competitive advantage to an enterprise over a competitor.

How much grammar mistakes can harm website SEO

There so many factors that will be considered when a page is ranked. One most important factor in page ranking is to provide proper grammar and spellings of contents of the website. A website whose contents contains grammatical mistakes can affect website SEO. The main goal of SEO is based on content quality and Anchor text, so it is much more important for a website that its content is free from grammatical mistakes otherwise it will affect SEO results. If a visitor finds too many typo Mistakes on the website then he or she will stop surfing the website. Nowadays many search engines are becoming efficient. They develop and implement different types of algorithms to check the spelling and grammatical mistakes in a particular website. Incomplete sentences and contents with many grammatical mistakes will reduce the website rank. The grammatical mistakes in the contents of the website should be avoided as much as possible.

It will be noticed that websites who has top rank at google search engine usually consist of good written contents. Google develops a panda algorithm that checks the quality of contents of the website. Grammar plays a vital role in the success of a particular website. Bing search engine declared that it penalizes websites whose contents are poorly written. Google search engines always look to its user experience and try to improve as much as possible. Websites that do not gain good user experience will lose their significance in the SEO algorithms of google. The websites with many grammar mistakes will create the bad user experience.

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